This website is for the purpose of giving voice to people in the UK suffering serious illness or disabilities ,

(other than Covid-19), whose treatment / diagnosis is or has been adversely affected by the prioritisation of the entire UK

national health system towards the Coronavirus "epidemic" ( a more correct name would be "epic-pandemonium" )


 We hope by shedding light on the experiences / tragedies occurring and that have occurred to achieve several main aims

1. alleviate the current suffering and distress that's being caused to people with serious medical conditions

2. expedite any deferred or cancelled diagnosis or treatment into action asap.

3. prevent in the future any similar pandemics or other extreme emergencies

    from causing such chaos with existing medical procedures,


    this is hoped to be achieved by gathering as much unbiased and realistic  data as possible,

    while the emphasis  of this site is the  with pre-existing serious medical conditions

    we are all too aware of the dire plight  of  people in all other areas of life

    financial, domestic,  emotional etc...

    that the manner of dealing with this epidemic has caused and the ramifications

    that are to follow,

    the major burden of dealing with the consequences of this virus have now moved

    over to the mental health

    services and charities, 

    especially the Samaritans as the suicide rate will be going exponential.


a simple question needs to be asked and answered :-


how much death, distress and damage was caused directly by the coronavirus


compared to


how much death, distress and damage was caused entirely by the manner in which the coronavirus was dealt with by those with the power and authority

to as Jean-Luc Picard would say

"Make it so"


it's time to make it "not so" and "never so again"as I for one and I'm sure there's many like me,

seriously object to the manner I've been dealt with having a life threatening illness that I "have" got,

becoming secondary to a life threatening illness that I "might" get

and both myself and carer being treated like lepers in the process.



We are legion, expect us ...